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The attached document was prepared to help you research Family Protection software, set your security settings on Facebook and manage your personal information on,, etc.

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This morning, let’s take a few moments and discuss some points of basic internet safety.   How can you protect your children and yourself…

Children use a variety of online services, and each of these services can have different safety concerns. However, there are some basic tips which you can utilize no matter how your children use the Internet.  

  • Keep the computer in a high-traffic area of your home.
  • Establish limits for which online sites children may visit and for how long.
  • Remember that Internet technology can be mobile, so make sure to monitor cell phones, gaming devices, and laptops.
  • Surf the Internet with your children and let them show you what they like to do online.
  • basicsKnow who is connecting with your children online and set rules for social networking, instant messaging, e-mailing, online gaming, and using webcams.
  • Continually dialogue with your children about online safety.


Be safe and be blessed!



This could be one of the most important Safety Tips you do as a parent, for yourself AND for your children!facebook_hacked

Recently I taught Knowledge, Wisdom & The Internet at a high school.  One of the freshmen at that school called me with some questions and it turned into about an hour long project on the phone with her, her mother and I.  It seems that this young lady’s Facebook Account was being logged into three (3) times by someone in Los Angeles.  At first I thought that I was misunderstanding what this young lady was telling me, but it was absolutely true!  I showed her how to “kick” these people out of her account, then we changed her password on her Facebook account.  In just the time it took to change the password, one of these people had logged back into her account.  So we kicked them off again, set the security and the “Login Approvals” for her account.  It has been a few weeks and I asked her for an update last night, she now knows how to check this herself and it has all stayed clear!  Praise God!

Was this a “one time thing”?  Does it happen often?  Well, just a day after we cleaned up her account she posted on her Facebook wall about what had happened and two of her friends said they had at least one login from LA on their account too!  So, you tell me?  Does this happen often?

Rather than wait and see..  Let’s just look at how to avoid this.  Here is a document I have prepared with instructions on how to:  1) Review your Active Sessions, 2) See your account’s Recognized Devices and 3) Setup Login Approvals.  If you see ANY activity on your account that you cannot account for, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TOO!

Protecting Your Facebook Account  <Click Here to review the instructions>

Why is this so important?  Rather than give you my concerns on why it is important to keep unauthorized users off your FB Account, just Google and read some stories on what is going on out there in the world and the ties to Los Angeles.

If you find that your account has been compromised, let us know.  <Contact Us>  Not because we want to know your business, but because we want to know how big of a problem this is.  Do we need to spend more time educating people on this??  

Be safe and be blessed!



A week ago, while giving my presentation on internet safety, “Knowledge, Wisdom & The Internet“, a mother of a teen that was lured from her home spoke to me.  Her daughter had disappeared for 5 days…  The mother and father knew that the daughter had been talking to someone online, but they didn’t know who or “where”.  I guess I had made the assumption that it was via chat in a chat room, Facebook or via some email chat.  The mother explained to me, that after the daughter returned home, she had met this guy online on!!  She was playing “PoppIt”!  Are you kidding me?  I have played Poppit!  My son has played Poppit!  My friend’s little granddaughter has played Poppit on my laptop many times!  I had no idea.

Well, my guess is you have had no idea either.  This daughter that disappeared ..  She was gone for five (5) days and the “boyfriend” was coming  up from Florida to pick her up when he saw her picture on an Amber Alert billboard along the side of the road, then turned around and returned to Florida.  Come on…  We know he had no good intentions.  Praise God she was protected!

As parents we have to be careful, monitor and be involved in how our kids use the internet.  Simple “safe” little games like PoppIt can be a threat when the wrong person is on the other end.  Yes, your kids may physically be in your presence, but some stalker / pedophile could be on the other end telling your child, YOUR CHILD, all the “right things” for your child to trust them.  So, please…  Get involved and make sure your children are safe.


This is a snapshot of the game… Notice the “Chat” window on the right.

Oh, the girl that disappeared…  She was 16.  Thought the guy she was talking to was 18, but he was 32.  You can be pretty much any age you want to be… Online.

Be blessed and be safe!

A very interesting news story from FOXNews hits upon a topic discussed in The CMD Group’s internet safety program, Knowledge, Wisdom & The Internet.  Statistics are showing that young people in their 20s are becoming the highest rate of  identity theft.  How?  Contact Us for information on how to protect yourself, your kids and your family from identity theft and other threats on the internet.


Click to watch the news story from FoxNews

Be safe and be blessed!

The CMD Group offers a very informative instruction to teens and parents on how to protect themselves on the Internet and social networks such as Facebook. This video shares a story of a young lady named Amanda and how she was harassed online. She posted her story on the internet for all to see before taking her own life. This is a shortened version of her story, for the complete story go here:  Full Video

Cyber Bullying is very real. We need to protect our teens and youth. It is not difficult to protect yourself and to protect your children. Let The CMD Group help!

We look forward to opportunities to speak at churches, youth groups, schools and any group setting.

Be safe and be blessed!