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I grew up in an age that “bullying” was a part of what made you tough.  You took it, you brushed it off, you moved on.cyberbullying

That does not necessarily apply in this day and age.  Is it the anonymity of the electronics age we live in?  You can say something without having to look the person you are “talking to” in the eye?  Or, is it the degradation of our society in which what was unacceptable years ago is now the norm?  Or..  Is it both?

No matter why, it is real.  It is happening and we (parents) need to be aware.  Not only do parents need to be aware, but teens need to let their parents know when it is happening.  Yeah, yeah, that’s not cool.  Well, neither is what this ‘Cyber-Bullying’ leads to.  Here are some statistics for you to consider:

Despite the potential damage of cyber bullying, it is alarmingly common among adolescents and teens. According to Cyber bullying statistics from the i-SAFE foundation:

    • Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying.
    • More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online.
    • Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.
    • Well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.

Parents, this needs to be addressed with your teen, and pre-teen.  Take a few moments and discuss with them what is and what is not acceptable.

Be safe and be blessed!