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I found a very good article on credit card fraud, thought I would share some stats that I hope will drive home how important it is to protect ourselves on the Internet.

‘The ease of sharing information can lead some people to reveal too much. The danger of over-revelation leads beyond mere social faux pas. More than half of adults who use online social networks post information that puts them at risk of cybercrime, including fraudulent credit card use, says a recent survey by Consumer Reports.

According to the 2012 Javelin Strategy and Research’s independent analysis of identity fraud report, in 2011, more than 11.6 million adults were victims of fraud, up 11% from the previous year. The report also found that users of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and Twitter have the highest instances of identity theft. And though the study notes that there is no proof of direct causation, it also states that more people are sharing too much sensitive information via these sites that can be used to confirm identity.’

Do not post your birthday, Social Security Number or address online.  This is all information that can be used to steal your identity and put you and your family at risk.

Be safe and be blessed.

For your personal, or family, protection… Post with caution on Facebook that can be used against you.  Posts such as “my spouse is going to be out of town this week, I will miss them”, “my parents are going away this weekend”, or “we are going on vacation and our house is going to be empty” are just some examples of what can put you in harms way.

Post with caution and realize that if you have 400 friends, they potentially have 400 friends, which means that over 100,000 people could read what you just posted.  Who are all of those people?  Listen to that little voice inside of you when you post and be wise about what you share.

Check out our website for more information on how to protect yourself and your family!  Be safe and be blessed!

Recently The CMD Group released their first Android application.  A few people say they cannot download the app from The CMD Group’s website and here is why.

Google, Apple and Microsoft all have their own App (application) Stores…  Google has Play, Apple has their App Store and Microsoft has the Windows App Store.  Wow, they put a lot of thought into those names didn’t they?  While many applications are free, some do have a charge.  The purpose of these stores are to ensure that you are downloading a “safe” application to your phone.  They all three check apps that are published to ensure they are not malicious and crash your phone.

They also gain control by you downloading the app from their stores.  They can (and do) monitor usage and downloads to rank developers.  The CMD Group does and will make apps available from the stores, but you do not HAVE to use a store to download.  We will be making our Android and Windows application available on our website so users do not HAVE to download from the stores.  And, yes…  The Apple application is not available from our website.  Why you ask?  Because Apple will not allow applications to be served except from their store.  Yes, they seem to be a little controlling huh?  They also charge 10x more to be a developer too.  But, that is another discussion.

Again, some people have issues in downloading apps to their Android phone getting an error saying “For Security, your device is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market“.  This is a simple setting (go to settings, and choose Unknown Sources and “Allow installation of non-Market apps”) to just keep you from downloading malicious applications.  Our apps downloaded from our site are the same versions as what is available from the stores.  If you don’t want to download from our site, then get our apps from the stores.  Either way, we appreciate you using our apps.

And, please…  Provide feedback, rate our applications and provide support!  We can use it to help better develop apps for the future.

Be safe and be blessed!