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Remote PC TuneUp

Keeping your PC running at optimal performance can be a pain.  Over time your PC slows down…  Viruses and malware can make your PC run slower and even rob you of not just performance, but personal and/or business information!  

Let The CMD Group do a monthly performance “Tune UP” on your PC.  For just $30/month, per PC, we will log on to your PC once a month and check your PC to ensure that your PC has not been “hacked”. 

Here is what The CMD Group will do:

  1. Setup antivirus and malware software (no additional subscription is required!  We will no longer need any current software subscriptions you might have),
  2. Check system parameters,
  3. Check for system updates,
  4. Update urgent updates,
  5. Identify any attached devices not working properly,
  6. Reboot the PC.,
  7. Email you results and recommendations.

All of this for just $30/month (per PC), and a $50 setup fee (in Preble County).  Interested and have questions?  Contact US and let’s see what we can do for you.

Protect your HOME PC, WORK PCs, your IDENTITY and YOUR FAMILY today!