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Software Upgrades

Software companies make their money in getting you to buy upgrades whether you need them or not.  In many cases, they will ‘force’ you to upgrade.  They may drop support for the current version, or not make drivers for the new operating system being released, in which you have to buy the most current version.  Whether it is a Windows upgrade, new PC, new version of Quickbooks, The CMD Group can help you with the upgrade.

And, do you REALLY have to upgrade?  We can help you to decide that as well.

You WANT to upgrade, but not sure that your computer will handle it?  We can help you figure out the requirements.

Windows, iOS, Chromium?

Are you using Server 2003?  Microsoft no longer supports 2003 and most likely, the hardware it is running on is no longer supported either.  It is time to look at getting away from that old equipment and get up-to-date on your architecture, security and performance.

The CMD Group has experience in upgrading systems, doing production switch overs and even running the new and legacy environments simultaneously to ensure the processes and data are all ready for the new environment.  Let’s think it through, plan it out and look at the whole picture before your move is made.

Contact Us today to see how we can help.  If nothing else, maybe we can help you with a comprehensive upgrade checklist to help protect yourself as you plan your move.