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Whether it is your two PCs and printer at home, or the 200 PCs at work, we can give you the same functionality as the “Cloud” services you are using on the internet.  And, your data remains your property!  Yes, storing online is accessible and becomes ‘their’ property, read the fine print.  Your finances, social security number, letters, even legal documents if stored on their servers, they have right to retain the documents even after you delete them.

Let us network your PCs and share from PC to PC, perform backups, have remote management and create file and printer shares.

Wireless is nice, but not as fast!  You may be paying for faster internet access then what you can even use with your wireless connection!  Why pay for fast internet if you cannot even use it?  And, then there is security…  Do you realize that your transmissions, while your wireless router is in your own house or office, your signal can be hacked and/or monitored by neighbors.  Wired networking is much more secure than wireless.  Protect yourself, your family, your business!

We have experience of installing over 1,000 devices on networks as small as two devices and as large as 500+.  Let us make you a proposal to balance performance and security.  Contact Us for more information.