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Secured Browsing

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This week we are going to focus on internet browsers.  We will start with what is available, look at secured browsing and some nice features that will help everyone’s internet experience.

Internet browsers for the most part are a matter of personal taste.  However, rated on their Performance, Security, Speed and Help & Support, some browsers have a lot more to offer than others.  A recent study of Internet browsers has shown that Google Chrome is the most secured browser available.  Personally, I like Chrome.  It is very user friendly and I find it faster than Microsoft’s Explorer and Firefox.  So, it does not surprise me that Chrome has been found to be rated as the top browser, what has surprised me is that Safari has been rated #5!

Here are the results of the “Top 10 Internet Browsers”, you can click on the graphic to read the whole story.

Click to read the full article.


So, If you have been using the Microsoft Explorer, or Safari that came installed on your PC, take a few minutes to download Google Chrome, or Firefox and see a little of what you have been missing.  You will not be disappointed.  And, the security will help to ensure your personal information is not being leaked from your browser!

Full article on the Top 10 Internet Browsers.

Download Chrome

Download Firefox

Be safe and be blessed!

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