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Protect Your Photos

Posted by: In: Tips 02 Mar 2013 Comments: 0

Whenever sharing is involved, there is a always a chance that someone will break the ties that bind and violate your trust. If you’re worried about your photos getting stolen from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, here is one techniques that will stop digital photography theft.

    1. Ask yourself this… Do you really need to protect your photos from theft?  It all depends on a lot of factors. First of all, Facebook and Twitter already have some pretty strict written download guidelines. But, does that stop them?  No.  Facebook and Twitter both dramatically reduce the quality of large photos that you upload.  Your untrustworthy friends will be able to download your photos, but will not be at the original resolution.
    2. Reduce what they can take.  Upload a smaller copy of the file than your original. That way no one will have access to the full image but you. Facebook and Twitter mostly do this automatically (to save their server space). People might be able to steal your photos, but they are not going to get the whole thing. They’ll get a little souvenir keychain version, and that’s hardly worth the effort.
    3. Mark-it!  You can also do what sites like iStockPhoto and GettyImages do. They place a big white “X” over every photo so it’s visible to you, the user, but useless to anyone who wants to do anything with it.
    4. Keep them safe.  The only really sure-fire way to protect your photography from anyone, is never to upload it to the Internet. But then you don’t get to share your masterpieces, or show your work to new clients.

Some other things to remember..  

    1. Geotagging.  May seem like a good idea, but you are letting others know where you are.
    2. Make sure you have approval to post pictures of other people.
    3. Do not post anything that is inappropriate.
    4. Do not post pictures of people under aged.

Be safe and be blessed!


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