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Parent Alert!!!

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A week ago, while giving my presentation on internet safety, “Knowledge, Wisdom & The Internet“, a mother of a teen that was lured from her home spoke to me.  Her daughter had disappeared for 5 days…  The mother and father knew that the daughter had been talking to someone online, but they didn’t know who or “where”.  I guess I had made the assumption that it was via chat in a chat room, Facebook or via some email chat.  The mother explained to me, that after the daughter returned home, she had met this guy online on!!  She was playing “PoppIt”!  Are you kidding me?  I have played Poppit!  My son has played Poppit!  My friend’s little granddaughter has played Poppit on my laptop many times!  I had no idea.

Well, my guess is you have had no idea either.  This daughter that disappeared ..  She was gone for five (5) days and the “boyfriend” was coming  up from Florida to pick her up when he saw her picture on an Amber Alert billboard along the side of the road, then turned around and returned to Florida.  Come on…  We know he had no good intentions.  Praise God she was protected!

As parents we have to be careful, monitor and be involved in how our kids use the internet.  Simple “safe” little games like PoppIt can be a threat when the wrong person is on the other end.  Yes, your kids may physically be in your presence, but some stalker / pedophile could be on the other end telling your child, YOUR CHILD, all the “right things” for your child to trust them.  So, please…  Get involved and make sure your children are safe.


This is a snapshot of the game… Notice the “Chat” window on the right.

Oh, the girl that disappeared…  She was 16.  Thought the guy she was talking to was 18, but he was 32.  You can be pretty much any age you want to be… Online.

Be blessed and be safe!

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