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NSA – To Be, Or Not To Be

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CISPA2Here is a very interesting article from Fox News (yeah, right wing) that exposes a truth that I do not believe many people are going to catch on to.  It wasn’t but just a couple months ago that the NSA was saying “we are not collecting information on all email” and, they were also claiming they were NOT collecting information on all cell phone use.  However…

In this article, the NSA source speaking on behalf of the NSA to Fox News says “The statement said the programs as a whole have helped defend the nation, and that as of 2008, “there were over 300 terrorists captured using intelligence generated from XKEYSCORE.” ”  Now, in previous interviews, the NSA has said that the new database was not yet functional.  Now, they are saying that they have captured over 300 terrorists?  Hmmm…

Also, read this closely…  “Meanwhile, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declassified a set of documents on Wednesday that begin to shed light on the authorization and rules behind the agency’s phone and Internet record collection. 

The documents stress that these programs allow the government to collect basic information about phone calls and email communications, but not the content of those messages. They say most of the information “is never reviewed,” while describing the programs as vital to the “early warning system” for detecting terror plots.”

Think about this for a moment…  They are capturing the information, but cannot use the content (they have the content as well).  And, again, it was just a few months ago that the NSA was saying they were not collecting ALL information on phone calls and emails.

Draw your own conclusion.


Click the graphic above, or this link here to read the whole story.

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