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Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smilinCommunications is one of the most important foundations to keeping a good relationship with your children.   Everyone has seen kids that are so attached to their smartphone, or their computer, that they don’t seem to know how to communicate.  As a parent it is very important for your to keep communications open, and to keep a view of what your kids are doing on the internet.

Keep communications open and start a discussion with your child about what they are doing online.  Here are some good questions you should ask regularly:

  • What are your favorite things to do online?
  • What is personal information? Why should you keep it private?
  • What could you do to be safer online?
  • What would you do if anyone online asked to meet you face-to-face?
  • Besides me, who do you feel that you can talk to if you are in a scary or uncomfortable situation?


Be safe and be blessed!



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