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This week we are going to focus on internet browsers.  We will start with what is available, look at secured browsing and some nice features that will help everyone’s internet experience.

Internet browsers for the most part are a matter of personal taste.  However, rated on their Performance, Security, Speed and Help & Support, some browsers have a lot more to offer than others.  A recent study of Internet browsers has shown that Google Chrome is the most secured browser available.  Personally, I like Chrome.  It is very user friendly and I find it faster than Microsoft’s Explorer and Firefox.  So, it does not surprise me that Chrome has been found to be rated as the top browser, what has surprised me is that Safari has been rated #5!

Here are the results of the “Top 10 Internet Browsers”, you can click on the graphic to read the whole story.

Click to read the full article.


So, If you have been using the Microsoft Explorer, or Safari that came installed on your PC, take a few minutes to download Google Chrome, or Firefox and see a little of what you have been missing.  You will not be disappointed.  And, the security will help to ensure your personal information is not being leaked from your browser!

Full article on the Top 10 Internet Browsers.

Download Chrome

Download Firefox

Be safe and be blessed!

OK, I have shared all week that I am a fan of Google Chrome.  Not everyone likes Google Chrome, so to be fair, I am focusing the last post of the week’s focus on internet browser security on the other top four browsers.  Here are some tips to beef up the security on Microsoft Explorer, FireFox and Safari.

Enabling some web browser features may lower security. Often, manufacturers will enable features by default to improve the computing experience, but these features may end up increasing the risk to the computer and causing vulnerabilities. How to secure and clear data from your web browser are discussed below.

Secure Your Browser

  • Your browser has a “popup blocker” that prevents popup windows from cluttering your screen. Some programs require you to disable this function temporarily. If you disable the popup blocker, remember to enable it when you’re finished.
  • When using a computer or accessing a website, never use an option to “remember my password the next time.” This option will store your password in a standard location on the computer, which is the same as writing it down and is just as bad. If your password is stored, it can be found and used against you.
  • If you use Internet Explorer, your browser has an option to save encrypted web pages to your hard drive. Since encrypted web pages usually require a password, this means you could be saving a copy of your password to your hard drive, which is a bad idea. Also, the browser can auto fill your username and password after typing a few letters. To turn off these features:
    • Select Tools from the menu bar.
    • Select the “Advanced” tab.
      – Go to the Security section of the window and select the box in front of “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”.
    • Select the “Content” tab.
      – Click the Settings button under the AutoComplete category
      – Uncheck the option boxes beside “Forms” and “Usernames and passwords on forms”
    • Click OK to exit the options manager.
  • If you use Firefox,
    • Go to ToolsOptionsPrivacy
      – In the History section, deselect all options.
      – In the Cookies section, use the drop-down box to keep cookies until “I close Firefox”.
      – In the Private Data section, select “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox”.
      – Then click the Settings button and ensure that every entry in the list is checked.
    • Go to ToolsOptionsSecurity
      – In the Passwords section, deselect all choices.
    • Click OK to exit the options manager.
  • If you use Safari,
    • Go to Safari and then Preferences
    • Click on the AutoFill tab.
    • Uncheck all of the selections.
    • Close the Preferences window.

Clear Your Data From Web Browsers

The ability to access the Internet from different locations — the library, a computer lab, an Internet cafe — is a great convenience, but it can also pose a security risk to personal information. Here’s how you can clear your data in Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. 


Option 1: Before you start surfing.

1. Open Safari.
2. Go to the Safari menu and select Private Browsing.
3. Check OK when the warning box appears.
4. Begin surfing.

Option 2: If you’ve already opened Safari and are now worried about your data you can do the following:

1. Go to the Safari menu and select Reset Safari.
2. This will completely erase everything and start Safari from scratch.
3. Quit Safari.

Note: Private browsing doesn’t stop Safari from accepting cookies. However, you can completely erase them all by doing the Reset Safari option.

Internet Explorer 7:

1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
2. Choose the General tab.
3. Under Browsing history, click Delete.
4. Click Delete All…

Firefox 3:

1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data
2. Check off all of the data options.
3. Click Clear Private Data Now.

In addition, do not check the “remember my password” box on any website.  

For all other browser programs, please consult the Help menu within the browser or the manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to secure and clear data from your web browser.

Be safe and be blessed!

Are you finding yourself worried about your game status when you are late getting home?junkie1

Do you find anxiety rising up when you cannot check your Facebook status?

Internet and gaming addiction is very real.  South Korea has found that 8% of the population between the age of 9 and 39 are “addicted” to the internet or games.  We can overcome any addiction, or bondage, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Here are Han’s top 5 warning signs of gaming or Internet addiction:

  1. Disrupted regular life pattern. If a person plays games all night long and sleeps in the daytime, that can be a warning he or she should seek professional help.
  2. If the potential gaming or Internet addict loses his or her job, or stops going to school in order to be online or to play a digital game.
  3. Need for a bigger fix. Does the gamer have to play for longer and longer periods in order to get the same level of enjoyment from the game?
  4. Withdrawal. Some Internet and gaming addicts become irritable or anxious when they disconnect, or when they are forced to do so.
  5. Cravings. Some Internet and gaming addicts experience cravings, or the need to play the game or be online when they are away from the digital world.

If you or someone close to you exhibits these signs of being addicted, there is help that you can seek.  Click Here for a list of therapists in the Dayton, OH area.

If you are in a different area, feel free to Click Here and we will help you find someone close to you.  

If you would like prayer for yourself, or someone close to you, feel free to submit your request Here.Prayer requests can be anonymous. 

Be safe and be blessed.

instagramHere is a very serious update that EVERYONE needs to be aware of.  Anyone using Instagram needs to understand how serious this is, of course, if you take your photos seriously.  There are lots of “fine print” in the terms of use by most websites that users do not take the time to read.  Rights to use YOUR material that YOU post is a huge issue that many people do not understand.

“For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License).” – by Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

When you post content on Facebook, for instance, you are giving Facebook a license to use your content.  

I want to make a special note here… When this TOU for Instagram goes into effect, the only way you can “opt out” is to delete your account. There is not “Security Setting” or “Opt Out” for this condition.

 If this works for Instagram, be prepared…  This will become a big money maker for websites and will spread.

Read the full story on Instagram by Fox News here.


Be safe and be blessed!

Recently The CMD Group released their first Android application.  A few people say they cannot download the app from The CMD Group’s website and here is why.

Google, Apple and Microsoft all have their own App (application) Stores…  Google has Play, Apple has their App Store and Microsoft has the Windows App Store.  Wow, they put a lot of thought into those names didn’t they?  While many applications are free, some do have a charge.  The purpose of these stores are to ensure that you are downloading a “safe” application to your phone.  They all three check apps that are published to ensure they are not malicious and crash your phone.

They also gain control by you downloading the app from their stores.  They can (and do) monitor usage and downloads to rank developers.  The CMD Group does and will make apps available from the stores, but you do not HAVE to use a store to download.  We will be making our Android and Windows application available on our website so users do not HAVE to download from the stores.  And, yes…  The Apple application is not available from our website.  Why you ask?  Because Apple will not allow applications to be served except from their store.  Yes, they seem to be a little controlling huh?  They also charge 10x more to be a developer too.  But, that is another discussion.

Again, some people have issues in downloading apps to their Android phone getting an error saying “For Security, your device is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market“.  This is a simple setting (go to settings, and choose Unknown Sources and “Allow installation of non-Market apps”) to just keep you from downloading malicious applications.  Our apps downloaded from our site are the same versions as what is available from the stores.  If you don’t want to download from our site, then get our apps from the stores.  Either way, we appreciate you using our apps.

And, please…  Provide feedback, rate our applications and provide support!  We can use it to help better develop apps for the future.

Be safe and be blessed!